We have our expertise, in starch types like,

Native Starch
Industrial Starch
Food Grade Starch
Pharma Grade Starch
Modified Starch.

We have the technology to produce all the above types in various strengths, grades, and forms, as per client requirements.

Starch Industries livelihood depends mainly on the derivatives produced.

Our company can give the best economic mix and product quality and consistency for derivatives like

Malto Dextrine
Liquid Glucose
High Maltose Syrup
High maltose corn syrup
Dextrose mono-hydrate
Dextrose Anhydrous
Maltose, in various ranges of DE value.

Rice flour

Other byproducts like, Germs, GermOil, Fibre, protein, etc, can also be derived , to obtain an economic feasibility of the plant.

The different types of raw materials that are used to produce the above can be Maize, Corn, Cassava, Tapioca, Millet, Sorghum, Rye, Wheat, etc.

Product strategy for starch and derivatives

AICPL’s well-proven technology for the production of starch and starch derivatives is in use all over the world. It is distinguished by:

Optimum product quality and high yield
Utilization of by-products (where technologically and economically reasonable)
Lowest possible water consumption with less waste water
Full automation resulting in lower operating costs

Nowadays, AICPL as a competent partner for the starch industry offers machinery and equipment as well as engineering for new plants and for the process optimization for existing plants.
Moreover, AICPL’s complete integration in the group of companies offers more possibilities for the utilization of existing know-how and thereby increases its competence in designing and planning plants for processing amylaceous raw materials as well as the automation of the overall process and individual process sectors.
In this connection, the technological combinations between sugar, starch and new products such as biogas play an ever growing part.The synergetic effect thus achieved will be a definite benefit for our customers with regard to consultation and service activities.