Food & Biotech

Combining science, biotechnology, and Microbiology, functions, We undertake designing, manufacturing, setting up and optimization of plants for the Food Industry. We expertise in Aseptic and hygienic processing of foodstuffs.

Design, consultancy, and manufacturing of unit operations like

  • Mixing,
  • Cooking,
  • Pasteurisation / UHT
  • Fermentation,
  • Concentration,
  • Drying, etc.

are some of the functions handled by us.

We serve the food industry, for various applications like

  • Fruit juice, pulp and concentrate.
  • Tomato and other purees.
  • Tea and coffee concentration.
  • Gravies
  • Ready to cook food processing, etc.

Our main objective is to achieve energy efficient solutions for food processing while maintaining the required taste and consistency.